As Spring Begins, Record Heat Across the US Has Obama “a little nervous”

As spring is ushered in, a heat wave across the United States sends temperatures hovering 40˚F above normal in some places. In the Southwest, a snow and ice storm. And powerful tornadoes ripped through the Midwest.

According to,“On March 15 alone, 593 record daily high temperatures were set or tied, along with 445 record warm low temperatures. This compares to just 10 record cold high temperatures, and only 2 record cold overnight lows. In Chicago, temperatures have soared past 80°F four days in a row — the earliest that has ever occurred, breaking a record set in mid-April, 1896.”

Also in Chicago, President Obama made an appearance at a charity fundraiser hosted by Oprah Winfrey and said, “We’ve had a good day. It’s warm every place. It gets you a little nervous about what’s happening to global temperatures. But when it’s 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March it gets you thinking…”

Finishing the president’s thought, Oprah interjected, “Something’s wrong.”

Yeah,” Obama agreed. “On other hand we really have enjoyed the nice weather.”

This ambivalence is the hallmark of the Obama presidency. His willingness to hold two contrary opinions in his head and balance them out without assigning any degree of urgency.

Global climate change and the extreme weather events it produces, fueled by the amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases that we dump daily into our atmosphere is only going to intensify with more extreme weather in the coming decades. At some point, one wonders if Obama will look nostalgically back to the balmy days of March 2012 and wonder if maybe he should have payed more attention to the science.

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