Conservatives in Support of Carbon Tax


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The Energy and Enterprise Initiative has a new video out and you should see it.

While not the first conservatives to talk about a carbon tax, (Since 2008, T. Boone Pickens has been touting his Pickens Plan that calls for a transition to natural gas and wind power with a tax on gasoline.) it’s refreshing to see Reagan’s Economic Advisor, Art Laffer and former SC Congressman, Bob Inglis call for a tax on polluters.

Straight from the E&EI’s website, they “believe that the solution is an energy policy which:

  • Eliminates all subsidies for all fuels;
  • Attaches all costs to all fuels;
  • Ensures revenue neutrality to prevent the growth of government

A sensible solution is a revenue-neutral tax swap, accompanied by a phase-out of all energy subsidies. A tax swap would, dollar for dollar, ratchet down anti-growth income taxes and shift the tax onto carbon pollution: Tax the bad, quit taxing the good, and let the free-enterprise system deliver the fuels of the future.”

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