24 Hours Of Climate Reality

Back by popular demand, the Climate Reality Project is broadcasting 24 Hours Of Reality: The Cost Of Carbon beginning 11am PST on October 22nd. Former VP, Al Gore along 220px-Climate_Reality_Logo-Globewith artists, economists, scientists and other experts will dominate the conversation on the most important issue humanity currently faces, what is the true cost of carbon?

Every hour, the Climate Reality Project will be traveling around the globe to Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and South America to tell the story of how carbon pollution is shaping local issues from food security to extreme weather. Audiences can join in the conversation and learn about one key solution, putting a price on carbon.

Last year, 16 million viewers participated around the world. The problem is not too big and we all can solve it.


Be a part of the Cost of Carbon dialogue and see how to start. Click here for the schedule. Also, check out the great work on this front by Citizens Climate Lobby, creating the political will for a price on carbon, with over 130 groups strong across North America and with a new European chapter now in Sweden.


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