Hooray for LED Lights!!

Browsing the lighting aisle in Home Depot about a month ago, I uncovered an exciting new light bulb. Well, not new, LED (light emitting diode) technology has been around more than 50 years, and three scientists where just honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics for their development of the blue LED technology in 1993. (The blue was needed the create white light and that was an enormous breakthrough.) What was so exciting about my trip through the lighting aisle was the price point- a two pack  of  40w replacement LEDs for $10.97.

While CFLs are more efficient than the old incandescent technology, and have provided a bridge technology, the  breakthroughs of LEDs will hopefully soon render them obsolete.

Here are some reasons why LEDs are a better investment than CFLs.

Non-toxic: Unlike CFLs, LEDs don’t contain mercury, so they don’t need to be recycled.

Long-lasting and less waste: LEDs can work for 100,000 hours, that’s around 20 years and that reduces waste and the need to buy new light bulbs and throw away old ones. That’s about ten times longer than CFL bulbs and 100 times the life-span of incandescent lights.

Energy efficient: The 40w replacement LEDs I purchased uses 6w of energy. The 60w replacements use 10w of energy. I found that replacing four 15w CFLs with four 6w LEDs- daylight, I got a better lighting effect.

Cost-effective: My new 10w (60w equivalent) LEDs estimate they cost about $1.20 a year  to run.

Cool: LEDs emit about 3.4 btu’s an hour. Compare that to 85 btu’s for incandescent and 30 btu’s for CFLs. That means that the energy used to light the bulb doesn’t escape and heat the room, reducing air conditioning costs.

Choices: Soft white, bright light, daylight, dimmable- you choose.

Instant On: No more waiting for those CFLs to heat up.

It’s been said that by switching over to LEDs, the US could reduce it’s total energy consumption 20%.

So what are you waiting for?? Make the switch to LEDs today!!

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