It’s About Saving Ourselves

change“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

Lately, people have been emphasizing that the climate movement is really about saving ourselves.

Yes, I agree the problem is with humanity; it’s a crisis of consciousness and how we relate to life’s inter-dependencies. The symptoms  of this problem are fossil fuel addiction and unsustainable consumption and too much stuff. The system needs changed and so do we.

But, this isn’t a plug and play change. We can’t just plug in solar panels or bring more wind farms online to replace fossil fuel generation.

We need to rediscover the interconnectedness of everything. And we need to return to the understanding we are part of that web. Separation is an illusion. Your powerlessness is a grand delusion.

I heard Al Gore once say, “we need to disenthrall ourselves from our illusory view of reality.” Yeah, that’s it, too.

We need to smile and get to know our neighbors. We need to open our hearts more than what feels safe. We need to reach across the table to people with different ideas and opinions to discover what we have in common and embrace our mutual humanity.

And then we must translate all this into collective action.

Happy New Year World.


“To change our realities, we have to change our myths.” –Riane Eisler





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