It’s the End of a Decade and Time to Clean Out Your Crap

It’s 2020 baby!

It is the last year of the decade. This has been a decade where we’ve seen an unbelievable escalation of climate disruption along with a groundswell in the global youth climate movement. And, none of it is over yet (remember I said last year in the decade) as emissions are still going up.

This isn’t some post about the Marie Kondo method of getting rid of stuff that doesn’t bring joy into your life. I’m not selling you a book or a Netflix show. It’s about emptying those internal closets; getting rid of that stuff that never served you. Most of it was never yours in the first place. You picked it up without even realizing it. It was someone else’s baggage, and you carried it long enough to make it your own.

But, there is a path to redemption. Indeed, I have written about this before.

Declutter Your Mind

What internal junk am I talking about? Let’s start with old mindsets. Old mindsets are established views of the way the world operates. Old mindsets are stuck in time. They don’t accurately reflect the current moment. And, old mindsets make us feel unable to change the world around us. When we understand problems at the intellectual level but are stuck in an old mindset, we feel powerless and like victims. Sometimes, we feel paralysis. But, these old mindsets are just stories we tell ourselves. They are big stories; shared enough to become collective fairytales. We give them power only when we believe them. However, you didn’t come into this world to be a cog in a dysfunctional wheel. You came here to shine. To throw off the powerlessness, you need to shred the old thinking and the beliefs behind it.

Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again. - Buddha

As you step through the threshold of 2020, say Goodbye to:

  • Your Powerlessness
  • Your Fears
  • Your Beliefs that You Can’t
  • Your Beliefs that Someone Else Will/Should
  • Your Beliefs that Things Won’t Change
  • Myth that Consumption Leads to Happiness
  • Belief that We Can Run an Endless Growth System on A Finite Planet
  • Fallacy that the Take, Make, Waste Economic System Improves Lives By Providing Jobs

Embrace Change

So, you get the idea. In order to thrive in the future, we will need to embrace change. Since it’s coming anyway, why fight it? The paradigm is shifting. It’s time we shift with it and build a better future for all. In addition, It’s an opportunity to prosper as human beings and to create new stories about our power to birth a better world. This is really what you came for. So, get out there and make it happen.

Happy New Year and Shine On Earthling.

"Everything is gestation and then bringing forth."- Ranier Maria Rilke

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