Composting with a Green Solar Cone Digester

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We’ve talked about worm composting as a way to recycle food waste. But worms don’t eat everything and if you do a lot of cooking, worms probably won’t keep up with all your waste.

In my yard, I also use the Green Cone System as an additional way to recycle food waste.

The Green Cone accelerates the natural decomposition process by raising temperatures, maintaining aerobic conditions, and encouraging the growth of micro-organisms.

The system takes all household food waste, including vegetable scraps, raw and cooked meat or fish, bones, dairy products and other organic food waste such as bread and pasta.

How does it work?

The solar cone is a two-layer recycled plastic cone above ground attached to a basket below ground. Just put your food waste in, and the heat from the sun promotes air circulation between the inner and outer cones and that starts the aerobic digestion process.

How much food can it take in?

The system takes in up to 11 pounds of food waste a week. It reduces the waste mostly to water, carbon dioxide and a small amount of residue left at the bottom. The distributor suggests that after about 5 years, the small quantity of residue can be dug out by removing the upper basket and distributed in your yard. I have had mine for about three years and have never had to clean it.

Are there any odors?

Nope. Because the basket is covered by ground, there is no odor.

Is it safe from children and animals?

Yes. The lid of the solar cone has a button latch. There is also a safety bar across the top. Since you dug a hole for the basket, it is safely in the soil.

I love my green solar cone digester. This system is almost maintenance-free. It is rodent-free. There is no need to chop food, layer, turn, or water it like with a compost pile. Its a great addition to a home or school already composting with worms or  maintaining a compost pile. Its also excellent for homeowners looking to cut down on the household waste they send to their landfill.

For more information, go to or google ‘green cone composter’. I also saw several municipalities offer this product to their residents at greatly reduced rates as part of a recycling program. If you are interested, contact your city and ask them to look into offering a solar cone.


  • Alicia

    I am wondering if anyone has used the cone to make composted soil for gardening?

  • The compost can be used for the garden, because the basket at the bottom is so big and it is such a large amount of work to dig it up and move it, there are more efficient composting methods for soil, one being worms. My favorite method for worm composting is with a worm factory.

    I would use this for items that can’t be composted with worms, spicy things, citrus, onions, cheese, meat, bones, etc.

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