Kids to Climate Delegates: Stop Talking. Start Planting

In 2007, a German fourth grader, Felix Finkbeiner prepared for a school presentation on the climate crisis. While researching on the internet, Felix was inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and her “Green Belt Movement” in Africa.

After his presentation, Felix spontaneously said to his classmates, “let’s plant one million trees in each country” and  Plant For The Planet was born. The children’s message to the politicians is a simple one, “stop talking and start planting.”

Today, over one million trees have already been planted in Germany and around the world children in over 90 countries are participating in the campaign.

COP16 Plant a tree for the planet event

This week in Cancún, Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman spoke with Felix and Alessa from Plant-for-the-Planet as Ecuador’s president Correa joins them to plant trees outside the Moon Palace, the COP16 climate negotiation venue. Their interview is below.

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