Leaders, Climate Change and Energy Policy are Linked

I was horrified last night to watch President Obama and Mitt Romney try to out-dinosaur each other at the town hall debate. That brawl has no winner. It is a downward death spiral. Chris Hayes at MSNBC said after, “Discussing energy without talking about climate change is like talking about tobacco without talking about cancer.”

Yes, but even more; it can be viewed as a selfish Machiavellian play to hand the ball off to future generations. A form of intergenerational tyranny that one day will be regarded as crimes against humanity.

So why the silence? Mitt Romney has spent his entire career embracing both sides of an issue, and if that doesn’t work outright lying about it. He stands for little but desperately wants to gain the US Presidency. President Obama knows the science and what’s at stake, yet does little. And according to the New York Times, the fossil fuel industry has opened it’s wallets to defeat Obama. So why won’t Obama mention climate change?

Holding silent as the earth burns will not make it stop. We need mature leaders that can have a rational science-based dialogue. This problem has solutions but requires an immediate paradigm shift. We need to join the rest of the world and we need to do it quickly.

Take Action: Contact the White House by clicking here and ask President Obama why he is ignoring climate change.


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