Seed Saving Viability Chart

How long do seeds last? As a rule of thumb, germination rates of seeds decrease every year. But some seeds are known to live far longer, especially if they are stored in a cool dry place. Here is a table of average seed viability taken from a UF publication.

UPDATE: This year-2020- as we are in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic; many of us have been under stay-at-home orders. With that backdrop, I pulled out an old shoebox full of seed packets. Most of my seeds were date stamped 2010 or 2011. I planted them anyway and with the exception of the pepper and onion seeds, they all germinated.  So, give those old seeds a chance!

Vegetable Seed  Years Viable Vegetable Seed  Years Viable
 Asparagus  3 Leek  1
 Bean  3 Lettuce  5
 Beet  4 Muskmelon  5
 Broccoli  5 Mustard  4
 Brussels sprout  5 Okra  2
 Cabbage  5 Onion  1
 Carrot  3 Parsley  2
 Cauliflower  5 Parsnip  1
 Celery  5 Pea  3
 Chinese Cabbage  5 Pepper  4
 Collard  5 Pumpkin  4
 Corn, sweet  1 Radish  5
 Cress, water  5 Rutabaga  5
 Cucumber  5 Spinach  5
 Eggplant  5 Tomato  4
 Kale  5
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