Solar Backpack Featured in SFAS’s Cool Planet Program


Image by Earthprints via Flickr

The  South Florida Audubon Society‘s Cool Planet  program is a big hit with upper elementary students this fall in Broward Schools. The program helps students foster effective problem-solving skills by recognizing the interdependencies in their environment. They also consider the effects of their actions on the larger ecosystem.

At the end of the month-long program, participants get the chance to enter a poster contest showcasing solutions to the environmental issues they’ve discussed. One lucky winner at each school will receive a Voltaic Coverter Solar Backpack.

The backpack has two 2 watt solar panels that charge a universal USB battery which can be used to charge electronic devices. And it’s made from recycled PET (soda bottles). Its no surprise that the students are giving Cool Planet a resounding two thumbs up.

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