H2lOw Flow: Saving Water Via a Low-Flow Showerhead

With the drought affecting over 60% of the US this year, lots of people are paying attention to water scarcity issues. In a warming world, there will be higher levels of evaporation. That means some places will encounter more arid conditions that will lead to drought.

Since water is a greenhouse gas, more water in the atmosphere means more warming. This is called a… Continue reading

2012: The Year of the Heat Not Just in Miami

US Drought Monitor August 2, 2012

US Drought Monitor August 2, 2012 (Photo credit: CraneStation)

2012 has so far established itself as the year that broke all US extreme weather records. First came the warmest March followed by the warmest spring on record. Then came the second warmest May on record… Continue reading

June Brings More Record Breaking Heat Across USA

Once again, we see record-breaking heat across the US. The triple-digit heat intensifies the drought conditions effecting much of the country. Dry conditions, high temperatures and high winds have been a major obstacle to firefighters battling fires in Colorado.

During June 2012:

  • 1,913 records were set or tied for the warmest nighttime low temperature at a weather station.
  • 818 records were

Dry Season Returns & Broward Commission Considers 2-day-a-Week Watering Restrictions

Update: January 12, 2010 Broward Commission Unanimously Pass 2-Day Week Water Restrictions with an Eye Toward Enforcement http://bit.ly/7PA6iB

Most residents in South Florida realize we have two seasons; rainy and dry. Yet, how many realize what a precarious water dance we do?

According to the South Florida Water Management District, Florida receives an average annual rainfall of 53 inches, making it one of the wettest states in the… Continue reading | 2 Comments