Leaders, Climate Change and Energy Policy are Linked

I was horrified last night to watch President Obama and Mitt Romney try to out-dinosaur each other at the town hall debate. That brawl has no winner. It is a downward death spiral. Chris Hayes at MSNBC said after, “Discussing energy without talking about climate change is like talking about tobacco without talking about cancer.”

Yes, but even more; it can be viewed as a selfish Machiavellian play to hand the ball off to future generations. A form of intergenerational tyranny that one day will be regarded as crimes against humanity.

So why the silence? Mitt Romney has spent his entire career embracing both sides of an issue, and if that doesn’t work outright lying about it. He stands for little but desperately wants to gain the US Presidency. President Obama knows the science and what’s at stake, yet does little. And according to the New York Times, the fossil fuel industry has opened it’s wallets to defeat Obama. So why won’t Obama mention climate change?

Holding silent as the earth burns will not make it stop. We need mature leaders that can have a rational science-based dialogue. This problem has solutions but requires an immediate paradigm shift. We need to join the rest of the world and we need to do it quickly.

Take Action: Contact the White House by clicking here and ask President Obama why he is ignoring climate change.


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Global Warning, Our Oil Addiction and Living on a New Planet

Narrated by Leo DiCaprio, this clip is based on the book by Thom Hartmann, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: The Fate of the World and What We Can Do Before It’s Too Late.

“Picture this, a blue planet protected by a thin layer of atmosphere that keeps temperature, air and water in perfect balance to maintain life. In the cold depths of space, this planet is a virtual paradise, the only one know of its kind. And, it is our planet, Earth. But something is wrong…human civilization and our relentless consumption has brought this planet to the brink. But specifically, our addiction to one single resource may push us over the edge. And, that resource is Oil.”

“So get educated, stay educated, so we can think for ourselves and join the fight to save this unique blue planet for future generations,” DiCaprio closes. But, this problem of climate change is not really just a problem for future generations. As author Bill McKibben argues in his new book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, we no longer live on the planet Earth where the climate has allowed human civilization to flourish over the past 10,000 years, but on a new planet with more erratic and extreme weather. McKibben calls the planet Eaarth. We are now living with human-induced climate change. While  hoping we can still return the concentration  of CO2 in our atmosphere to 350ppm (someday because even if we cut emissions to zero, we’ve already committed the planet to further warming), we must focus our efforts to adapt to that change. McKibben suggests lightly, carefully, gracefully with a focus on local systems.

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We also must engage our political system. We’ve seen no seriousness or urgency out of the Senate as the Clean Energy and Climate Change bill languished. As McKibben writes in the Huffington Post (linked below), “Political time is in short supply, too. So far, of course, Washington has done nothing—the Senate is currently considering a watered-down version of a watered-down bill, one that would only apply to electric utilities and only cause the slowest of changes, and even that has not persuaded President Obama to knock heads. He’ll go after BP, but not the GOP—the bill’s great champion, John Kerry, summed up the prevailing strategy for winning votes: “We believe we have compromised significantly, and we’re prepared to compromise further.” “

We can still bring change through grassroots efforts, like those of 350.org, 1Sky and Repower America (links below) and also through the efforts of many individuals calling their Senators to tell them that we need a bill that addresses climate change, carbon pollution and clean energy now. Get educated, stay educated and get active. Your future is now.

Links to Help You Get Active on this Issue:

Where to Find my U.S. Senators Contact Info

Repower America: Together, We Can Solve It



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Join a Hands Across the Sand Event on June 26


As the Gulf of Mexico continues to fill up with oil with no end in sight, the reports continue to bring us more distressing news. As of June 16, NOAA tells us that 1/3 of the Gulf is now closed to fishing.

Methane (a very potent greenhouse gas) adds a new dimension to this ever-unfolding catastrophe.  The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits, said John Kessler, a Texas A&M University oceanographer who is studying the impact of methane from the spill. “This is the most vigorous methane eruption in modern human history,” Kessler stated.

Meanwhile according to McClatchy News Service, the Department of the Interior’s MMS approved at least 5 new oil drilling projects without environmental review.

What can you do to express your outrage at this environmental cataclysm caused by human greed and non-existent government regulation?


Attend a Hands Across the Sand event near you on June 26th. The image is powerful, the message is simple.  NO to Offshore Oil Drilling, YES to Clean Energy. On Fort Lauderdale Beach, the event is being held at the intersection of AIA and Las Olas Boulevard.  Here is a link to one of the Facebook pages created for the event.

To find an event near you go to

See you at the beach…

From the South Florida Wildlands Association:

The Department of the Interior needs to hear from you. The current moratorium on deepwater drilling should become a permanent ban. Current deep water drilling pushes the limits of human technology. The acknowledgement before Congress by executives of virtually all oil companies engaged in deepwater operations that they would be as incapable as BP of coping with the current spill, makes any other course of action far too risky.

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), has allowed numerous ‘environmental waivers’ for offshore oil operations in both deep and shallow waters.  The DOI should undertake an immediate and complete review of all current permits.  Where environmental safeguards are lax, non-existent, not enforced, or not up to ‘best available science’, the DOI should halt the operation immediately.  The DOI must implement a monitoring and inspection system on all remaining offshore oil operations to insure that environmental safeguards are being met on a regular basis. See the below link.

DOI-Send Your Comment

Additional Links to Help You Get Active on this Issue:

Where to Find my U.S. Senators Contact Info

Repower America: Together, We Can Solve It



Naomi Klein in the Guardian

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