How Will Romney Address Climate Change?

Well if you look on Mitt’s Mitt Romneywebsite, the answer seems to be ignore it. After all, he is in favor of that last-nail-in-our-collective-coffin tar sands pipeline. That’s the one that brings the dirty oil across America to its ports and gives Canada fantabulous access to the international fossil fuel market. Take that energy independence… Continue reading

NASA Scientist to President Obama: we must find someone who is worthy of our dreams


“We had a dream that the new president would understand the intergenerational injustice of human-made climate change. That he would recognize our duty to be caretakers of creation, of the land, of the life on our planet. And that he would exercise hands on leadership, taking the matter to the public, avoiding back-room, crippling deals with special interests.

But we will not give up. There

James Hansen on Cap-and-Trade, Tipping Points and Where We Go From Here

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In a recent interview, post- the COP15 Conference, the nation’s top climate scientist and director of the NASA Goddard Institute for