From Humanity to World Leaders at COP21

So, the dust has settled after the UNFCCC COP21. The pundits have called it a total disaster and also a success; the best possible agreement we could expect. The COP process with the INDCs brought all the players to the table with something to give. Of course, not enough to save us, but much better than the business-as-usual scenario. The number 1.5˚C  was inserted into the text, without a plan to get there, but that also was considered part of the success.

There is hope that this is a message that the fossil fuel era is over. However, many countries and fossil fuel companies seemed to fail to get the memo. That story, To Be Continued at another time….

Here, I wanted to revisit some very profound video messages from humanity to world leaders at the Paris talks. These are real, heartfelt and express the urgency for which we need to take action. I’m sharing them post pundit analysis of all the good news and insanity which came to be as the COP21 Paris Agreement.

We need to act as if what we do matters, because it does. And, when collectively we get that memo, change will follow. The shift has already begun. We just need to ramp it up in real time.

Abdul Muqeet, a 14 year-old, also known as the Paper Bag Boy, who’s done over 170 international workshops to raise awareness of our need to act on climate.

Students from nine schools across five continents

deliver their message to world leaders at COP21

A message from the front lines of climate disruption

Marshall Islands’ poet, Kathy Jetnil-Kiljiner perform at the ArtCOP21 launch at St Pancras Station; ‘Dear Matafele Peinem’, a poem she wrote for her daughter inspired by the effects of climate change.

A message from Earth’s astronauts

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