Below are student comments from a 7-day Energy Journal log where they reported on their efforts to reduce personal energy consumption.

Q: How do you feel about saving energy?

  • On day 1, “I feel I need more work.” On day 6… “I feel good, I made a difference.”
  • “ I feel like its a good thing for me, because now I understand how important it is to save our environment.”
  • “I feel like a lifesaver.”
  • “I feel that I’m helping the world and so are my classmates.”
  • “It felt great saving energy for the community.”
  • “I feel that I’m one of the Earth’s guardians.”
  • “I felt excited to be getting up and active.”

…Palm Cove Elementary 4th & 5th Graders, Pembroke Pines, FL

  • “I feel like I am doing my part.”
  • “I feel good, like a super hero.”
  • “It made me feel good, like a different person.”
  • “I’m proud of the changes we made.”
  • “I feel AWESOME.”
  • “I feel confident that doing at least one small thing can make a difference.”

…Stirling Elementary, 5th Graders, Hollywood, FL

Q: Tell how you save energy

  • “I used a clothes drying rack to dry my clothes instead of the dryer.”
  • “ I turned off the TV for two hours and played outside.”
  • “ I walked around my neighborhood to find trash to recycle.”
  • “I walked around my school and picked up as much trash as I could find.”
  • “I played with my dog and taught him a trick instead of watching TV.”
  • “I played outside (rather) than watch TV for 4 days.”
  • “My dad tried taking a shower in less than 10 minutes.”
  • “I didn’t watch TV the whole day.”
  • “Instead of watching TV, I read my favorite book.”
  • “I discussed it with my family and they will (make) changes too.”
  • “I played basketball and football instead of watching TV.”
  • “ Every time I leave the room, I turn of the lights and TV.”
  • “I’ve been recycling a lot more things.”
  • “I play outside and pick up trash and watch (just) a little TV.”

…Davie Elementary, 4th Graders- Davie, FL

  • “Setting aside the video games to play outside will also help decrease the rates of childhood obesity.”

…Coral Springs Elementary, 4th Grader, Coral Springs, FL


“My students truly enjoyed learning about the environment through the Cool Planet program. The information in the program had the added benefit of being Science FCAT benchmark material. It was taught in such a way that it enabled students to learn about important environmental issues while engaging their concern and hopefully their future participation in making our planet safer and more viable for generations to come.”

Teresa Akel
5th Grade Team Leader
Driftwood Elementary

“Dear Maria,

I just wanted to let you know about the wonderful feedback I have been getting from the fourth grade teachers and students regarding the in house presentations. The students have learned so much valuable information! These types of learning opportunities enrich our children and our future! We hope to see more of the same in the future.  This enriched our curriculum and  help us meet standards in Technology, Social Studies and Science. Keep up the great work. Thank you again.”

Rosie Bencivenga
Davie Elementary
Fourth Grade Teacher
Science Contact Person

“Maria- The kids still talk about your presentations! I can’t stress how important it is for our kids to hear from as many different people as possible in as many different areas of science as possible. Your particular style with this age group is extremely appropriate and you made it very enjoyable.

We hope to have you again next year.”

Mary E. Rodriguez
Fifth Grade Chair
Peters Elementary

“Dear Maria:

My students enjoyed their participation in the  program, Keep It Cool. I was especially pleased that it met the Sunshine State Standards that we cover in 5th grade.  The students discussed recycling and how to conserve energy and renewable resources. They kept a 2 week journal documenting how they saved energy.  They finished by making a banner showing what they learned about recycling and energy conservation over the 3 day period.  We look forward to participating in this program again next year.”

Victoria Heinz
Fifth Grade Team Leader
Palm Cove Elementary

“Maria……..thank you for coming to Career Day. The teachers and students love you!”

Jan Crouse Weinraub
Title One Coordinator
Wilton Manors Elementary

“Maria- I want to thank you for taking the time to present your program at our school. The students and teachers found it very informative and it was a great way to get our students thinking about their Exhibition topics. I sincerely hope you can do the program next year. Please keep in touch.”

Arlene Lancaster
5th Grade Team Leader
Wilton Manors Elementary


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  • Paul Burke

    I have found that Mark Benson, host of the South Florida Garden Show on WZAB, which is 880 on AM, Sunday mornings from 7 to 9am is a great source of information on all gardening subjects. They also have a web site by the same name which he updates (blog) all the time.

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