World Ocean Day- 8 Things You Can Do for the Oceans

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June 8th is World Ocean Day

June 8th is the day we set aside to honor the world’s oceans, because as Jean-Michel Cousteau reminds us in the below video, “water is life”.

It’s helpful to be reminded, but it is also sad. Sad that we need to remember that the consumer society that we participate in is killing our life support systems.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the oceans. From warming ocean temperatures which bleach coral reefs, to the accumulation of carbon dioxide which leads to acidification, to overfishing and pollution- both garbage and chemical; the oceans and their inhabitants are taking a lot of abuse from humans.

What Can You Do for the Oceans?

1.) Don’t use fertilizers or pesticides in your yard. If you must, use organic pest control methods or try composting. Use those leaves and grass clippings. Fertilizers and pesticides run into rivers and streams when it rains. Rivers lead to oceans. As a result, vast dead zones have been created in our oceans. This run-off kills ocean life -both microscopic and mammals like manatees. If you are reading this post you probably don’t need to be reminded that if it’s strong enough to kill a manatee, you probably shouldn’t be putting it on your lawn.

2.) Don’t litter. Well that one is obvious so how about expanding on it for #3…

3.) Pick up litter. It’s not enough that you don’t litter, you’ve got to pick up all the litter that other people have created. If you live in a coastal area, get a group together and clean up your beaches. If you live somewhere else, clean up a water way, your school, or your neighborhood. In this life, it’s not enough not to add to the problem, you also have to be part of the solution.

4.) Use environmentally friendly household cleaning products.

5.) Buy products with less packaging and less plastic. Use reusable bags.

6.) Find out what your community is doing to ban plastic bags. We know it’s great that you don’t use them, but you need to get them out of your community all together to make a greater impact. Check out here to see what other communities are doing.

7.) Join a group like the Surfrider Foundation or the Ocean Conservancy or Green Cross International.

8.) Get active. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity, grab onto the ones that are around you now and help out in the present. You will be rewarded by a feeling of purpose and numerous friends who share the same goal of adding to the good.

This sounds like the perfect reason to begin today.


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