Leaders, Climate Change and Energy Policy are Linked

I was horrified last night to watch President Obama and Mitt Romney try to out-dinosaur each other at the town hall debate. That brawl has no winner. It is a downward death spiral. Chris Hayes at MSNBC said after, “Discussing energy without talking about climate change is like talking about tobacco without talking about cancer.”

Yes, but even more; it can be viewed as a selfish… Continue reading

Norway to Double Carbon Tax on Oil to Fund Climate Initiatives in Developing World

«Deep Sea Delta», boreplattform, her i Nordsjøen

«Deep Sea Delta», boreplattform, her i Nordsjøen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week, Norway announced plans to double a carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and set up a £1 billion fund to aid the developing world in mitigating the impacts of… Continue reading

Mitt Romney’s Inconclusive Declarations on Climate Change

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 057Mitt Romney got a good laugh out of the climate deniers in his audience at the GOP Convention in Tampa, a city already planning for sea level rise, as he mocked President Obama’s promise to address climate change.

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the

My 3 Days With Al Gore’s Climate Reality in San Francisco

Last week, I was fortunate to be an attendee at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training with Al Gore. A thousand people from around the world- 58 countries and 47 US states- made the pilgrimage to San Francisco to be part of this training and that alone was truly inspirational. Bette Midler was in the house. Grammy Award winner… Continue reading

H2lOw Flow: Saving Water Via a Low-Flow Showerhead

With the drought affecting over 60% of the US this year, lots of people are paying attention to water scarcity issues. In a warming world, there will be higher levels of evaporation. That means some places will encounter more arid conditions that will lead to drought.

Since water is a greenhouse gas, more water in the atmosphere means more warming. This is called a… Continue reading

How Will Romney Address Climate Change?

Well if you look on Mitt’s Mitt Romneywebsite, the answer seems to be ignore it. After all, he is in favor of that last-nail-in-our-collective-coffin tar sands pipeline. That’s the one that brings the dirty oil across America to its ports and gives Canada fantabulous access to the international fossil fuel market. Take that energy independence… Continue reading

2012: The Year of the Heat Not Just in Miami

US Drought Monitor August 2, 2012

US Drought Monitor August 2, 2012 (Photo credit: CraneStation)

2012 has so far established itself as the year that broke all US extreme weather records. First came the warmest March followed by the warmest spring on record. Then came the second warmest May on record… Continue reading

June Brings More Record Breaking Heat Across USA

Once again, we see record-breaking heat across the US. The triple-digit heat intensifies the drought conditions effecting much of the country. Dry conditions, high temperatures and high winds have been a major obstacle to firefighters battling fires in Colorado.

During June 2012:

  • 1,913 records were set or tied for the warmest nighttime low temperature at a weather station.
  • 818 records were

David Suzuki Discusses Rio+20, Economics and Survival

Press conference with the laureates of the 30t...

Press conference with the laureates of the 30th Right Livelihood Award 2009: David Suzuki Svenska: Presskonferens med 2009 års Right Livelihood-pristagare: David Suzuki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Democracy Now interview with the great Canadian scientist, David Suzuki, was the… Continue reading

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